Fall has officially begun, and something about the leaves changing colour, the school supplies and halloween candy popping up at my grocery store or a mixture of the two has left me feeling inspired to start a new chapter. 

Thus - The blog. 

In the past I've had iterations of different blogs that I've begun and then left to die somewhere in cyberspace. The first was a Bebo account (which totally ages me to mention) that I used as a blog to keep in the loop with my friends in a time that was precursory to the Facebook era. In university, I started a group blog with my closest friends called "It's Nacho Blog" (hilarious pun, I know) where we rated all of the nachos we'd had together in the city. Then I started a daily music blog called Tunes for Tea where I drank a bunch of tea and wrote one new music article every day, where I grew a bit of a following and then lost interest. I even became a vlogger for a little over a year, and then got tired of lugging my camera around everywhere (and also having a kind of shitty camera). Since then, I've lent myself out as a freelance blogger, writing and photographing for Live in Limbo among others. However, all of these blogs were never really connected to myself and my music- and so I thought now that I've had a lovely website redesign (Thanks Cass Rudolph!) I would start a semi-regular blog where I can combine all of my interests and flex my writing muscles all in one place. I hope it isn't boring. I hope you like it! 

Here's a photo of me looking like a complete badass warrior woman taken by my friend Cass Rudolph. She's absolutely incredible and amazing to work with. 

Brooklyn Doran