Autumn Playlist

It's autumn, and I'm falling in love with new music all of the time and I want to share with you some of the artists and songs that are inspiring me this season. I love making Spotify playlists and using this platform to discover new artists and to listen to the work of friends. ps. total album plug here- but all of my music is also available on Spotify and you can follow me HERE.

Without further ado- here is a playlist of songs that I've been digging this Autumn 2017; featuring tracks by some artists who I just discovered like Matthew and the Atlas and Courtney Marie Andrews and some of my absolute favourite people who just released albums like Rory Taillon and Caren.

Brooklyn Doran

Fall has officially begun, and something about the leaves changing colour, the school supplies and halloween candy popping up at my grocery store or a mixture of the two has left me feeling inspired to start a new chapter. 

Thus - The blog. 

In the past I've had iterations of different blogs that I've begun and then left to die somewhere in cyberspace. The first was a Bebo account (which totally ages me to mention) that I used as a blog to keep in the loop with my friends in a time that was precursory to the Facebook era. In university, I started a group blog with my closest friends called "It's Nacho Blog" (hilarious pun, I know) where we rated all of the nachos we'd had together in the city. Then I started a daily music blog called Tunes for Tea where I drank a bunch of tea and wrote one new music article every day, where I grew a bit of a following and then lost interest. I even became a vlogger for a little over a year, and then got tired of lugging my camera around everywhere (and also having a kind of shitty camera). Since then, I've lent myself out as a freelance blogger, writing and photographing for Live in Limbo among others. However, all of these blogs were never really connected to myself and my music- and so I thought now that I've had a lovely website redesign (Thanks Cass Rudolph!) I would start a semi-regular blog where I can combine all of my interests and flex my writing muscles all in one place. I hope it isn't boring. I hope you like it! 

Here's a photo of me looking like a complete badass warrior woman taken by my friend Cass Rudolph. She's absolutely incredible and amazing to work with. 

Brooklyn Doran