Looking Back on 100 Shows (part 1)

It has been a crazy year!
From Toronto, to Charlottetown, to Vancouver and back again, I have traversed across turtle island, playing more than 100 shows- making new friends, seeing so much of this land I call home and sharing my music with all of you! 

Honestly, this is the scariest project I've ever undertaken. I left my day-job, and dove headfirst into music. I made a simple goal, play 100 shows across Canada and I documented my process.
I booked and performed 100 shows as an independent artist, charted on college radio throughout Canada and even got a significant chunk of airplay on CBC Radio 1. What I didn't expect, was all of the warmth and amazingness offered to me by my hosts, supporters and friends. What I didn't expect was to fall in love with touring, completely.  

This is 100% because of you and your support, and I don't say that lightly. Each person who has shared my music to a friend, come to a show, covered one of my songs or sent me a letter has contributed to this successful year. 

I played 100 shows in 9 provinces and 48 cities. 

In celebration of achieving my goal I want to share with you 100 things; about my year, my ups and downs, and all of my crazy adventures. Let me share my year with you. 

100 Things for 100 Shows - 2017 (part 1)


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In 2017 I filmed a music video for "I Found A Home" with director Cassandra Rudolph. The video is going to premiere in January 2018.



My 100th show was a secret show. It was the premiere of "Easy V" a web series that featured my music.



I also make a cameo in the yet-to-be-released series, making my appearance my very first IMDB acting credit. Yay! 



My 50th show was a SOLD OUT show at The Dakota Tavern in Toronto, Ontario. 






This was also my only full band show of 2017.



Out of my 100 shows in 2017, I played 23 of them in Toronto, ON.






4 of my shows were in my hometown of Kenora, ON.



The 10 cities I performed in the most (in order of most to least) are: 
- Toronto, ON
- Ottawa, ON
- Montreal, QB
- Kenora, ON
- Fredericton, NB
- St Jacobs, ON
- Uxbridge, ON
- Halifax, NS
- Moncton, NB
- Thunder Bay, ON









Here are my 100 shows ranked by province:

Ontario: 69 shows

Quebec: 8 shows

Alberta: 7 shows

British Columbia: 5 shows

New Brunswick: 5 shows

Nova Scotia: 3 shows

Manitoba: 1 show

PEI: 1 show

Saskatchewan: 1 show



I played 100 shows in 9 provinces and 48 cities. 




This amazing photograph was taken by Cassandra Rudolph as part of her 10 Minute Session Series that I took part in this autumn.



I performed 44 shows with Midnight Vesta. 
This photo was taken on my birthday at our show in Quebec City at Le Cercle. They even put us up in a fancy hotel called Hotel Pur. When we pulled our dirty tour van up to the valet, his face was priceless. 







Speaking of,
this is our tour van. 
We named it Mort.



I spent 1/3 of my year living in this van, with these boys.
This photo was taken on our first day in B.C. We hadn't seen a shower for over a week at this point. 



I also played 10 shows with Rory Taillon across Ontario. 
This photo is of the concert we played together at Batstone's Northern Ramble- a converted church in Renfrew, ON. 



Rory and I toured for a month together in 2016 when my album These Paper Wings was first released. His newest album Only Whispers was released Oct 15th 2017.



I also spent over a month with Gillian Nicola on the road. Together we played 19 shows together across Southern Ontario. 



In 2017 my album has been played on these radio stations:

- CBC Radio 1 (Toronto, ON)
- CBC Fresh Air (Toronto, ON)
- CBC Big City Small World (Toronto, ON)
-The Cornice Crow - CJLO (Montreal, QC)
- Trent Radio (Peterborough, ON)
- CKCU (Ottawa, ON)
- Just Us Folk (Brantford, ON)
- CHSM (Steinbach, MB)
- University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, MB)
- CFMU (Hamilton, ON)
- Lakehead University Radio (Thunder Bay, ON)
- CFAM (Altona, MB)
- CJRB (Boissevain, MB)
- CHUO (Ottawa, ON)
- HNA Music (Hopewell, NS)



One of my favourite shows was opening for Will Varley in Toronto. I got to wear this boss outfit from 1 800 HELL NO.
(Thanks for the photo Conor McSweeny!)



This photo was taken in PEI. We arrived there with no place to stay and met our gracious hosts and new friends, Jake and Becky. One of my favourite things from this year, was all of the amazing people who let us stay in their homes, fed us and befriended us. I love knowing that I have people in every city to lean on, and to call up to hang out! 

Brooklyn Doran
Autumn Playlist

It's autumn, and I'm falling in love with new music all of the time and I want to share with you some of the artists and songs that are inspiring me this season. I love making Spotify playlists and using this platform to discover new artists and to listen to the work of friends. ps. total album plug here- but all of my music is also available on Spotify and you can follow me HERE.

Without further ado- here is a playlist of songs that I've been digging this Autumn 2017; featuring tracks by some artists who I just discovered like Matthew and the Atlas and Courtney Marie Andrews and some of my absolute favourite people who just released albums like Rory Taillon and Caren.

Brooklyn Doran

Fall has officially begun, and something about the leaves changing colour, the school supplies and halloween candy popping up at my grocery store or a mixture of the two has left me feeling inspired to start a new chapter. 

Thus - The blog. 

In the past I've had iterations of different blogs that I've begun and then left to die somewhere in cyberspace. The first was a Bebo account (which totally ages me to mention) that I used as a blog to keep in the loop with my friends in a time that was precursory to the Facebook era. In university, I started a group blog with my closest friends called "It's Nacho Blog" (hilarious pun, I know) where we rated all of the nachos we'd had together in the city. Then I started a daily music blog called Tunes for Tea where I drank a bunch of tea and wrote one new music article every day, where I grew a bit of a following and then lost interest. I even became a vlogger for a little over a year, and then got tired of lugging my camera around everywhere (and also having a kind of shitty camera). Since then, I've lent myself out as a freelance blogger, writing and photographing for Live in Limbo among others. However, all of these blogs were never really connected to myself and my music- and so I thought now that I've had a lovely website redesign (Thanks Cass Rudolph!) I would start a semi-regular blog where I can combine all of my interests and flex my writing muscles all in one place. I hope it isn't boring. I hope you like it! 

Here's a photo of me looking like a complete badass warrior woman taken by my friend Cass Rudolph. She's absolutely incredible and amazing to work with. 

Brooklyn Doran